American Frontiersman - Fall 2019
With the Fall 2019 hunting season right around the corner, we’ve got all manner of articles to get you ready like a mountain man, with expert tips on sighting in a muzzleloader and all the other articles you need to blaze your own trail like our forefathers!

  • LEADER OF MEN - Mountain man and explorer Joseph Walker charted a course through the West
  • THE FIVE-TOOL RULE - You’ll pack smarter, not heavier, with these backwoods gear tips
  • NESSMUK STYLE - George Washington Sears’ versatile knife is alive and well thanks to these makers
  • BULL BOAT BASICS - How to make a river-ready craft like bygone mountain men
  • PIONEER EATS - A closer look at three frontier-era foods—and how to make them yourself
  • SIDE GATE SENSATION - This new addition to the Henry line offers the best of both worlds
  • TRAPPING BLIND - Blind sets can help you catch furbearers without relying on lures
  • THE PERFECT PONCHO - Winter won’t slow you down after you craft one of these wool garments
  • BACKYARD TANNING - Not for you, but all those valuable buckskins that shouldn’t go to waste
  • DEER DONE RIGHT - Expert tips for butchering and preparing venison without any waste
  • SMOKING MEATS - Discover the nearly forgotten science of cold-smoke preservation
  • ON-THE-GO SURVIVAL BOW - Craft a backwoods bow-and-arrow kit from materials you’ll find on the trail
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