Ballistic - Oct. / Nov. 2019

This issue of Ballistic covers all the hot-button issues dominating today’s headlines. We also
take a look at exotic hunts around the world, wild-game recipes, and an exclusive “first
look” at Springfield’s new Hellcat, which hails as the world’s highest-capacity micro-
compact 9mm. Consider this a “high-capacity” magazine!

  • GUNPOCALYPSE NOW - What life could be like if the Democrats get their way in 2020
  • DON’T TREAD ON US - Proving that past American flags are about patriotism, not racism
  • PRIMO HUNTING - Living like a king while on the hunt for boar and deer in Northern Italy
  • WANNA FLY? - Everything you need to know before you invest in pilot school
  • INSIDE THE LAST KINGDOM - How authentic is the weaponry shown in the hit Netflix series?
  • CUSTOM CHALLENGE - Here’s your chance to win two XD-Ms customized by Detroit’s wildest gun artists
  • COVERT CARRY - Six discreet packs that will ensure you’re always armed and ready
  • BODYGUARD DIARIES - Our resident VIP-protection guru reviews the BBC’s Bodyguard, now on Netflix
  • INSIDER REPORT - Behind the scenes at the high-tech PWS factory, where AR dreams are made
  • WILD KITCHEN - Enhancing classic recipes with fresh rabbit, venison and pheasant
  • THREADS - The best gear to make sure you have a successful fall season
  • LAST BLAST - Model and fitness icon Dolly Vega shows off Sig’s new M400 Tread pistol
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