Survivor's Edge - Nov. / Dec. 2019

Winter is here and you need to update your survival gear! This issue has all the expert level advice you need for surviving the upcoming months of frigid cold temps.

  • Bug-Out Beasts - 20 Bug-Out Vehicles
  • Roadside Insurance - In-Vehicle Emergency Medical Kits
  • Caching-In - Long-Term Ammo Storage
  • Signs for Survivors - Tracking and Signs in Mother Nature
  • A Jeep Above - Bug-Out-Ready Rubicon
  • Absolute Zero - How to Survive a Blizzard
  • Surviving a Riot Zone - Staying Safe in the Crowds
  • Plan B for Bugging Out - Plan B Supply’s Latest Rigs
  • Trader’s Paradise - How to Become a Master Trader
Price: $9.95