Ballistic - Dec. / Jan. 2020 - BEST GUNS OF THE YEAR
From cover to cover, we’re bringing you the absolute best from 2019. We tested, evaluated and ranked more than 100 new-for-2019 firearms, suppressors and riflescopes and crowned nine distinct winners.

  • LARGE AND IN CHARGE - The year’s best full-sized fighters duke it out at the range
  • COMPACT BATTLE ROYALE - You won’t want to miss this clash between the top 10 CCWs of 2019
  • WHEELGUN PROOF HOUSE - Think revolvers are too old school? You haven’t seen this year’s best takes
  • KING OF THE ARs - Eugene Stoner’s classic design has come a long way, and we crown this year’s best
  • RUNNING OF THE BOLTS - An eclectic mix of shooters goes the distance with this year’s top 10 precision rifles
  • SILENCER SHOWDOWN - Eleven of the best sound suppressors face off for silent supremacy
  • SCOPE DOPE - We’ve cut through the clutter to name the best precision riflescope of 2019
  • EDITORS’ SELECTS - More guns and gear deserving some extra respect
  • RENDEZVOUS STOCKPILE - The best new gear showcased at Athlon Outdoors’ latest event in Idaho
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