Guns of the Old West - Spring 2020

Heroes of the American frontier

In this issue, the soul of the American West is revealed by authors who look at some very old guns that had enduring futures and some that failed to find successes even in their own time, like the Pettengill revolver. Never heard of it? Dive into this issue to learn why.

SINGLE-SHOT WONDER  It’s time to roll with Tippmann Armory’s legendary .44 Magnum rifle

THE GRANDE CALIFORNIAN - EMF unveils a fast-handling .45 worth every penny


TOM HORN TRIBUTE - Cimarron commemorates a hero and villain with a special 1876 Centennial

PIETTA POWERHOUSES - Testing two new Single Action Army clones that pay homage to our Western roots

SOARING EAGLE - Henry creates another patriotic lever action that’s more than just a safe queen

THE BIG, BAD DRAGOON - Honoring the most powerful repeating handgun of its time

WORST OF THE WEST - Seven firearms and devices that failed on the proving grounds of the frontier

ARIZONA’S FINEST - Charting the history of the Rangers that tamed the Southwest