Tactical Life - April / May 2020


We’ve got another fully loaded issue for you here. With the 2020 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade(SHOT) show having recently wrapped up in Las Vegas we’re bringing you all the new handguns, holsters, precision rifles, ARs, high-tech gear like night vision, ammunition, suppressors, tactical blades and much more.

This April/May 2020 issue features two different covers. TL subscribers and folks who shop for our publications at outdoorgroupstore.com or certain retail outlets are getting the “Grandpa Goes New School” cover featuring IWI’s Tavor TS12. Others will be buying the “The Glock You Never Saw Coming” cover. Seriously, Glock, a rimfire? Yes, find out what the truth of the matter is with this little plinker.

MASTERFUL MOSSBERGS - The fast-handling 940 JM Pro and carry-ready MC2c are already turning heads

TOMORROW’S 12 GAUGE - IWI’s new TS12 bullpup is a far cry from your grandpa’s scattergun

FRESH SCAR - The 20S returns in 6.5 Creedmoor for even greater downrange performance

SIN CITY STEEL - Inside PVK Vegas, the world’s smallest—and greatest—knife shop

A .22 FOR YOU? - The G44 might be a rimfire, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it

GAMERS & GUN OWNERS - Why the gaming and Second Amendment communities need to unite

STOCKPILE - The best new guns and gear unveiled at the 2020 SHOT Show

AMMO BOX - Testing new QuakeMaker 9mm rounds to reopen the stopping power debate

DIY PROJECT - Building a sub-MOA rifle system, including the optic, for less than $1,000

AFTER HOURS - Ten veteran-owned distilleries every warrior needs to check ou

Price: $9.95