Survivor's Edge - Summer 2020

Fear Fear Itself!
Misinformation, fake news, propaganda, and wildly creative conspiracy theories are circling the Internet, causing rational people to succumb to fear. Do not give in! The Summer 2020 issue of Survivor’s Edge has all the information that will help you navigate the current situation and stay prepared.

Outbreak to Pandemic – What You Need To Know about COVID-19

COVID-19 Conspiracies – Wild Theories about the Virus

The Spanish Flu of 1918 – Virus Lessons Learned from History

E-Survivor – 10 Must-Have Smartphone Apps

COVID-19 Mask – DIY a Virus-Stopping Respirator

Serious About Mushrooms – These Fungi Can Be a Reliable Food Source

This Year in Cutlery – SHOT Show’s Best Blades

Edging Out the Competition – Springfield’s New EVAC 5.56

Interview of a Survivalist – Experts Weigh In on the Survival Scene

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