Guns of the Old West - Summer 2020

Nostalgic For Black Powder
Past and present collide once again for the Summer 2020 issue, and the smoke has yet to clear! We’re bringing you the latest from SHOT show 2020, remembering General Patton, and celebrating the 65th anniversary of Gunsmoke, the longest-running Western series.

GUNSMOKE - Celebrating the 65th anniversary of the longest-running Western in TV history

HENRY’S NEW AXE - The master of lever actions creates a fun .410 worth every penny

PATTON’S COLT RETURNS - How Peacemaker Specialists recreated one of the most iconic .45s

LONDON LOOK-ALIKE - EMF and Pietta have brought back the British-made Colt 1851 Navy

THE POCKET NAVY .380 - More shooters can get into Cimarron’s fun new cartridge conversion

INSTANT CLASSICS - The Old West is alive and well thanks to these new guns hitting the market

THE ARMY’S CAMEL CORPS - That’s right—the U.S. military tried to conquer the Southwest with camels

PATTON TURNS 50 - Remembering the classic film and the real-life general who inspired it

ONE WILD WINCHESTER - Running and gunning with a 91-year-old Model 12 at a recent SASS match

LIGHTNING & THUNDER - Despite its flaws, the Colt Model 1877 became a favorite on the frontier

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