Personal Defense World - Aug. / Sept. 2020
 2020 is really shaping up to be something else, but PDW is here to help.

This issue features a buyer’s guide on the best subscription security plans, whole-house backup generators for when the grid goes down, the newest safes and storage devices, and five of the best carry revolvers that won’t break the family budget. If you’re looking to upgrade your castle-defense toolkit, Peter Suciu gives you all the key details on the possibility of using a drone to protect your homestead. If you’re in the market for a great truck/ranch gun, author Todd Burgreen introduces you to the new Springfield 300 Blackout pistol (spoiler alert, it’s worth every penny).

If there was ever a doubt in anyone’s mind about the reasoning for owning firearms for personal and home-defense, the first half of this tumultuous year should be proof enough...

The August/September issue is here to set everyone’s mind straight.

SUBSCRIBE FOR SECURITY – What you can expect from your home’s monthly subscription security plan

LOCK IT UP – Newest safes and other safe storage devices for 2020

CASTLE DEFENSE UPGRADE – Springfield Armory Saint Victor 300 Blackout pistol at the gate

NEW EDC REVOLVERS – Five of the best wheelguns that you can’t go wrong carrying daily

CZECH WORKHORSE – Personal protection or a nightstand defender, the P-07 is a top choice

GUNS & GEAR FOR WOMEN – The latest and greatest in an ocean of options

TALK IS CHEAP… OR IS IT? – Using words to diffuse a conflict before it goes critical

BIG BOY X MODEL – Henry combines modern performance with classic lever action pedigree

FIRST AID – Turning your home into a fortress against the COVID-19 pandemic

TRAINING TOOLS – Meet your own personal trainer, the Mantis X Training System

Price: $9.95