Ballistic - Aug. / Sept. 2020 - LONG RANGE PRECISION

Introducing our third annual Ballistic Long Range Precision Edition. 

We’re taking a deep dive into the world of precision shooting and showing you how it's changing more and more by the day.

Programs like the NRL .22, a competitive arena that welcomes all skill levels and provides an affordable alternative to the more cost prohibitive and intimidating centerfire competitions are bringing in an entire new class of talent. Young shooters like Lara Spanic, who has taken her love for precision shooting to turn her sights towards the Olympics.

With eyes set on the future, editor-at-large Sean Utley sat down with former sniper, current trainer, and continual student of the gun, Phillip Velayo, to discuss everything from his prior service and what he learned in the Marine Corps to current trends and the future of the sport.

This issue is packed with high-tech gear guides, performance reports on guns and the latest in ammo development—including Hornady’s hot, new 6mm ARC. There’s plenty of real-world range reports on guns from Savage Arms, Daniel Defense, and Christensen Arms plus some rarified rifles from Accurate-Mag, Cadex and Kinetic Research Group.

And as far at techniques and shooting tactics, you can hit out to a mile at the Leopold Optics Academy, and make 1,000-yard cold-bore strikes with Advanced Weapons Technology’s Don Fraley.

Spotter ready. Shooter ready. Send it.

THE PROFESSOR OF PRECISION – Head to Long Range University with Gunwerks’ head instructor Philip Velayo

SIBLING RIVALRY – Daniel Defense’s bolt action Delta Five versus its semi-auto DD5 V4

SLICK SIXES – Why today’s precision rifle shooters are going smaller, faster and lighter

HITTING THAT MILE MARK – With a good shot spotter, long-range shooting isn’t so daunting

THE AXIS MAXIMUS – Savage pulls out all the stops for its entry-level precision rifle

SABATTI OVERWATCH – A short and feature-rich precision rifle from Italy that won’t break the bank

VERSATILE VAPOR TRAILS – A shootout with the multi-caliber Cadex Kraken and Accurate-Mag AMSR

CARBON FIBER HEAT – Innovation and accuracy — A look at Helix 6’s lightweight barrels

.22s SNAPSHOT – A look at the top big dogs in the small-bore precision market

YOUNG GUN ON THE RISE – Meet Olympic hopeful Lara Spanic and get into the NRL .22 game
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