Guns of the Old West - Fall 2020

The Fall 2020 issue of Guns of the Old West has arrived and our crew made sure to make it well worth the wait.  Senior Contributing Editor, Dennis Adler is all about Colt this issue. He’s discussing its history, its significance amongst enthusiasts, and ponders “when is a Colt not a Colt?”

Western historian, Phil Spangenberger tells you the story of another great challenger to the Peacemaker, the Merwin-Hulbert. A sixshooter so advanced that it has proven all but impossible to recreate today! Also, William Bell tries out a new 12-gauge scattergun, and Frank Jardim sends lead flying with a Winchester-style 1892 Carbine from Cimarron.  And this is just in the first half of the issue!

So without further ado…

STANDARD SINGLE ACTION .45 – When a Colt is not a Colt — but works just as well as one

NEW .22 MAG HOGLEG – North American Arm’s version of the Buntline Special

THE PURSUIT OF IMPERFECTION – Adding some aging to a modern air powered Peacemaker

CIMARRON’S 1892 CARBINE .44 MAG – Replica carbine that is attractive, accurate and ready for the frontier

THE LAST GREAT GUNFIGHT – Uberti’s Dalton model Cattleman breathes new life into an old legend

BLACK ACES SCATTERGUN – A solid Side-By-Side 12 gauge to take on Cowboy Action Shooting

FROM DANCES TO DESPERADO – The 1990s were the second Golden Age of Hollywood Westerns

GUNS OF THE GUNFIGHTERS – Colt Police Conversions

DANYELA D’ANGELO THE GUNSLINGER – Petite teenager brings gargantuan focus on Kahr Firearms Group Products

HISTORY – Deringer’s Derringers

Price: $8.99