Personal Defense World - Oct. / Nov. 2020
As we begin to enter the final months of 2020,  things are still far from getting back to normal. That’s why the Oct/Nov 2020 issue of PDW is here to give you an update on the skills and tools you’re going to need for tomorrow and beyond.

In this issue, author Andy Grossman is giving you the inside scoop on what makes the Taurus compact polymer G3c an amazing budget blaster, Zack Carlson goes on a mission to transform a good 1911 carry pistol into a great one, and we’re teaching you how to tell if handbags for  off-body carrying are right for you. Rounding out the issue, Dave Bahde reviews the Beretta APX Centurion, Frank Melloni downsizes to the TP9 Elite SubCompact and Michael D’Angona offers up the most suitable fighting lumens to show you how to defend yourself with the power of light.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

CUSTOM EZ 9mm – Smith & Wesson latest Shield tricked out by Performance Center

POWER-PACKED PDW – Springfield’s smallest Saint Edge hits the market in a big way

LEAN & MEAN 9mm – FN’s new single-stack 503 takes on the competition

A SPECIAL NEW COBRA – Colt’s limited-edition revolver with a retro look

CLASSIC WALTHER REBORN – Celebrating 90 years with this new German-American PPK hybrid

HOLSTER CORNER – Four holsters reviewed from Blackpoint Tactical and DeSantis Gunhide

FACE OFF – Springfield Hellcat versus Sig Sauer P365XL

2011 MASTERPIECE – Getting down and dirty with Nighthawk’s custom TRS Commander 9mm

SECOND ACT – Mossberg’s MC2c is lightweight, accurate and easy to carry

CARRY ON – How many guns do you actually need to carry

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