Complete Book of Reloading - 2021

Tactical Life’s The Complete Book of Reloading 2021

Our annual how-to guide for all things reloading is back! If you’ve been paying attention to the news headlines this year you’ve surely noticed that ammo has been in short supply. That makes this year’s issue all the more relevant. Jam-packed with all the latest products and insightful tutorials, this is the only manual you need to roll your own ammunition. 

The headline news for this issue is a real first look at the new Hornady 6mm ARC. Editor Jay Langston had one of the first real-world experiences with the new round on a coyote-busting mission in Nebraska.

Also in this issue, author Stan Trzoniec gives you a retrospective on .243 Win, 6mm Rem and .240 Weatherby Magnum cartridges, Gordon Smith gives you a tour of Hunters Supply, contributor Richard Mann shares some of his expertise on solid copper bullets, and we tell you if Winchester’s new straight-walled deer cartridge actually lives up to its name.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today!

HANDLOADER’S STOCKPILE – Be more productive with your time with these new handloading product

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HARNESSING HORNADY'S NEW 6MM ARC – Reloading this hot new military cartridge that's changing the AR game forever

FIREBALL FANATIC – Loading the .221 Remington Fireball—because sometimes a little less is so much more

BEST NEW BULLETS – From the hot new A-Tip Match to Berger's LR Hybrid, this year's lot has you covered

SPEED LOADING – Up your production with time-savers from Henderson Precision & RCBS

BEST FOR THE WEST – Top tips on rifle selection and handloading the 6.5 Creedmoor for Western big game

300: THE SEQUEL – Loading Hornady’s .300 PRC to the ultimate level of long-range kickassery

INSIDE FEDERAL'S CUSTOM SHOP – Handload-quality ammo with a few clicks of your mouse

GAS GUN UP – A guide to loading for .308- and 6.5 Creedmoor-chambered semi-autos