Combat Handguns - Jan./Feb. 2021

This issue is all about mixing the old school with the new school. Just take a look at our two cover guns, Gaston Glock’s original—the Glock P80 and John M. Browning’s last design but in a modern twist—Regent Arms’ BR9 Browning Hi-Power clone. These “new” bad boys pay homage to the originals but feature all the improvements you’d expect from a 2020 version.

We kept that theme of blending the past with the future throughout the entire issue. We also added some stuff that’s always relevant like author Mike Detty showing you the products designed to keep you safe while you sleep, Karen Hunter giving you an exclusive look at how EMG Customs’ Eddie Garcia packs for range and race days, contributor Martin Topper introducing you to Norma’s better range and training frangible ammunition, and Scott Conditt investigating if HK’s 9-B iteration of the wildly popular People’s VP9 could replace the legacy gun?

Find out answers to those questions and much more by picking up your copy today!

BLAST FROM THE PAST – Glock P80: Re-introducing Glock’s first military pistol

BROWNING’S HI-POWER REBORN – Regent’s BR9 clone—remarkably beautiful at a price you won’t believe

ME & MY SHADOW – CZ’s popular race pistol gets upgraded with a milled slide for red-dots

HELLUVA HELLCAT – Springfield’s micro EDC changes it stripes, and we put it through its paces

.45 ACP BLACK ICE – The newest Kimber Rapide 1911 shoots even better than it looks

SELF-DEFENSE & THE LAW – Get prepped to survive the widespread mob violence that’s happening these days

TALE OF THE TAPE – Two dependable, carry-ready .357 Mag wheelguns square off at the range

WHEELHOUSE – The return of Smith & Wesson’s iconic Model 610


CMMG’s Banshee features a revolutionary Radial-Delayed Blowback operating system


EAA’s Witness Elite Limited Custom in 10mm is something special

Price: $8.99