Survivor's Edge - Winter 2021

Wildfires on the West Coast, “peaceful” protests, hurricanes in Louisiana, locust swarms in Africa, coronavirus, Beirut’s explosion, floods in Indonesia, earthquakes in Turkey, and the eruption of Taal Volcano in the Philippines—2020 has definitely shown us its ugly side! It’s finally time to wrap things up with the Winter 2021 issue of Survivor’s Edge.

In this issue, author Mark Linderman teaches you 10 prepper lessons from the Mormon church, Christopher Nyerges shows you how to make your own natural soap, we give you the full rundown on WOOX’s AX1 Hand Ax, and Mitch Hardin gives you the lowdown on two SHTF ready uppers from Brownell.

Now get ready for tomorrow or whatever 2021 may throw our way by picking up this issue today!

Last Man on Earth – What Will Cause Human Extinction

Emergency Preparation Guide – Domestic Terrorism and You

Mob Rules – What to Do When Caught in a Riot

Stop the Bleeding – Tourniquets are Life-Saving Tools

EDC on a Budget – Don’t Spend a Bundle on These Handguns

Wild Footprints – Identifying Animal Tracks

The Safe Space – Finding Safety in an Unsafe World

Single-Shot Survival – Chiappa Little Badger Folding .22

Coffee Can Cooking – DIY Homemade Twig Stoves

Mighty Minis – Palm-Sized Gear

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