Personal Defense World - Dec./Jan. 2021 - GUN BUYER'S GUIDE

Here at Personal Defense World, we believe that when armed with the right information, you will be fully prepared to take action when it matters most. Whether that means providing answers to questions like what should my firearm of choice be? Do I need a full-sized handgun, rifle or shotgun for home defense? Or showing you ways to make training on your own more efficient—the Dec/Jan 2021 issue has the answers you need in order to protect what matters most.

In this issue, our experts pick out the top 16 shotguns for 2020 that can pull duty from defense to hunting to competition. Author Andy Grossman shows you everything 5.11 has to offer beyond clothing and apparel and we put together a 96-page buyer’s guide section rounding up the best available firearms on the market.

Needless to say, you have come to the right place for the answers you seek. Pick up your copy today!

FEDERAL FORCE X2 BUCKSHOT – A new 12-gauge fighting-stopping load for personal defense

BEYOND THE CLOTHING – 5.11 Tactical has you covered in apparel, but it doesn’t stop there

BULLET BLOCKERS – Top 14 barriers designed to stop a round

MAD CONCEALED SKILLS – Train with a purpose—and some cool alternative drills—and see the results

AMERICAN 5.56 RIFLE – Smith & Wesson partners with Magpul for a rugged M&P15

PISTOL FOR OLD EYES – Sig Sauer’s 320RXP offers red-dot medicine

TOP SHOTGUNS – Sixteen of the newest scatterguns for 2020


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