American Frontiersman - Winter 2021

With the new year just a few short days away, we wanted to end the year on a high note with a special Winter Rendezvous edition of American Frontiersman. While it’s safe to say we’re all thankful that 2020 is eating our portage trail dust, we are more thankful for each and every one of our readers for dropping some wampum (Indian term for belts of small beads or shells that were used as money) for this magazine.

In this issue, author Cody Assmann shows you a simple guide to making your own mittens and authentic hat, Lamar Underwood gives you a history of the wild game pursued by mountain men, Josh Swanagon gives you a closer look at the U.S. Navy SEAL-designed Case Winkler hack master, Mark Herwig brings the heat with a step-by-step wood and leather project, and Darron McDougal shares his hot tips for cold-weather campering because Mother Nature can be cruel with her sub-zero temps. We’ve some great modern-day content, too. Be sure to check out the review of Federal/Traditions “FireStick” blackpowder setup, new HammerDown ammo for lever-action fans and high-tech gear for busting coyotes at night. Plenty of easy and fun DIY projects to dive into this winter, too!

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE – The Natchez Trace was a major pathway for western expansion

RIBEYES IN THE SKY – On the hunt for the majestic and elusive Sandhill Crane

HOT TO TROT – The clothing, equipment and skills the mountain men used to stay warm in winter

MINK AND MUSKRAT – Tips and solid sets for winter’s hot action

BIRCHBARK MATCH SAFE – How to turn birchbark into functional pieces of kit

MOOSE DOWN! NOW WHAT? – A simple approach to dressing out the biggest of game

PURSUING PRONGHORN – Channel your inner Old-West hunter and go in search of this historic game animal

GET SWEET ON SOURDOUGH – Put the effort into this tasty treat and you’ll learn about more than just cooking

DROPPING THE HAMMERDOWN – A multi-gun test fire of Federal Premium’s new lever-action ammunition

GRAY WOLVES – Good-to-know insider info because the packs are back!

Price: $10.95