Personal Defense World - Feb. / March 2021

There isn’t another right that’s more regulated than the Second Amendment. If the Second Amendment goes, there’s a good chance the First will go next, and then the rest. The February/March issue of Personal Defense World magazine is a reminder that we are not subjects; the government works for us.

In this issue, author Garrett Lucas shows off a Ruger SR1911 Officer-style with an all-steel upgrade, contributor Donald Mihalek gives .22 LR fans six great new guns to consider and retired LEO William Bell shares his take on Taurus’ 856 wheelgun.

As far as hardening your home and life, check out how-to features on: flying under the radar, prepping and securing your home, gun storage solutions, and up-armoring your kids.

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12 GA PINNACLE – Blackwater’s Sentry ushers in a new era of defensive pump shotguns

WILSON P320 CARRY – Wilson Combat tunes the Sig P329 into a masterful EDC 9mm

PERFECT DEFENSIVE AR? – Do anything with the PWS MK111 Mod 2-M rifle

TAURUS 856 DEFENDER – New version of this six-shot .38 Special with a 3-inch barrel

HOTEL SAFETY – Security tips you need to know to stay safe anywhere

GEAR GUIDE – Bug-Out versus Get-Home bags

BUYER’S GUIDE – Hot new stuff showcased at Athlon Outdoors’ latest event

LESSON LEARNED – Home invasion — don’t repeat my mistakes

UP-ARMOR – Gear and tactics to safeguard your kids

NUMBERS – What flashlight runtimes really mean in the real world

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