Survivor's Edge - Spring 2021

If 2020 taught us anything it was that the unexpected should be expected. While things might not be as hectic as they were last year… What if they are? With the Spring 2021 issue we get you caught up on what you should have learned from last year and what you need to know to make it through the upcoming year.

In this issue, Michael D’Angona shows off Gerber Gear’s Versafix; Christopher Nyerges shows you how to repurpose a common glass bottle; author Jim Cobb teaches you exactly how to barter in a post-collapse world, and contributor Mark Linderman describes five quick mental survival tests to help combat brain fog. You also don’t want to miss the special section—Everything you need to know before during and after tornadoes come to town.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself ready for anything and pick up your copy today!

Twisters and Tornadoes – Surviving the Most American of Natural Disasters

Junk to Go – Everyday Items for a DIY Bug-Out Bag

Bomb Scare – Citizens’ guide to identifying bombs and IEDs and how to react

Wild Chili – Southern Style Deer and Turkey Chili

Camp Chopper – Rugged HultsBruk Agdor Camp Axe review

Patch Kits – First Aid Kits for All Situations

Toxic Air – Protect Yourself from Wildfire Smoke and Fumes

Survival Starts with Mindset – Knife Defense Tactics

Lever-Gun X-Stacy – Henry Big Boy X

Food for Thought – How to Stock a Prepper’s Pantry

Price: $9.95