Personal Defense World - April / May 2021

We are currently in a culture war regarding guns. One side wants to showcase them as “evil, dangerous and there’s no need of them in society,” while the other side displays them as “fun hobbies, skill builders, and tools to take responsibility for their own and their family’s safety.” While you most likely will never convince an anti-gunner to change their tune, you can help some fence sitters move in the right direction.

Armed with numbers and facts you can help educate all the new gun owners—about 5 million of them in 2020, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. You can help them confirm and solidify that they made the right choice. With the April/May issue in hand you can better explain to people why you carry, and why you have a home-defense gun and plan.

In this issue, author David Campbell explains the advantages of the old-school revolver over modern semi-autos, contributor John Phillips discusses the top ten questions asked about women’s personal safety with Beth Alcazar, Fred Mastison tries out Leupold’s new DeltaPoint Micro, and Martin Topper rounds up some of Smith & Wesson’s most iconic revolvers for us that not only look great but shoot superbly!

So what are you waiting for? Arm yourself with the facts and numbers by picking up your copy today!

THE FULL HELLCAT – Springfield’s latest 9mm features their own red dot, comp and so much more

5.56 HOME DEFENDER – The affordable IWI Zion-15 that was built with high-quality parts

BUDGET 9mm – Why the SAR9 is a great bang for your bucks

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – We will not stay silent — how to recognize it and stop it

QUARANTINE BLUES – Stuck in the house? Time to make a detailed inventory

ED BROWN’S LATEST VICTORY – Light, thin and prefect are the buzzwords for the new EVO CCO9 Lightweight

GUNFIGHTING – Cover versus concealment — know the difference

STOCKPILE – New guns and gear at a glance

HOME DEFENSE – How to fortify your castle

ON THE EDGE – Three EDC blades from SOG

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