Ballistic - April / May 2021

Every honest, red-blooded, law-abiding, gun-carrying citizen who purchases the April/May 2021 issue believes that defending the U.S. Constitution, ourselves and our loved ones, and the police is vital to the preservation of a free and civil society. While we hate seeing media outlets advocating for the canceling of conservative voices, we wanted to use our platform to salute all those who still believe in the responsible exercising of their First Amendment right.

This issue is an ode to iconic movie guns and two of Hollywood’s most famous police characters ever, RoboCop and Dirty Harry. To make this happen, we tasked the crew at Outlaw Ordnance with transforming a stock S&W Model 29 into the ultimate Detective Dirty Harry Callahan commemorative pistol and a Taurus PT92 into RoboCop’s signature Auto 9. Without hesitation Outlaw’s co-owners Nacho and Cheeto (see page 12 for their real names) were ready to report for Ballistic ‘Custom Challenge’ duty! We give you the behind-the-scenes on how this all came about, show off the finished products and show you how you two lucky readers can be the proud owners of the cover guns!

Speaking of cover guns, our newsstand cover showcases the sub-$1,000 precision rifle that has to be shot to be believed. It’s what you’ll get when you pair a Ruger American rifle with Sharps Bros’ Heatseeker chassis.

The hits keep coming with a roundup of great wearable ’Merica Merch, a peek into Clint Emerson’s new 100 Deadliest Skills Combat Edition, running the latest Profense Minigun in Arizona, and Sean Utley ponders if HK's MP5 has finally met its match with Century's new CQB weapon. And don’t miss the Frank Melloni getting down and dirty with a torture test of Sightmark’s new PRS scope.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

CUSTOM CHALLENGE – Win two “Outlaw” blue line specials! Dirty Harry .44 Mag and Robocop Auto 9

MINIGUN MANIA – There’s a new M134 maker in town, and we’re here to unleash their beast

10 GUNFIGHT GREATS – The time-proven wisdom of these legendary men must be passed on

SURVIVE A GUNSHOT WOUND – Treatment on the spot can mean the difference between life and death

DOWN UNDER DUO – Two new knives from Halfbreed show no weakness in their game

STOCKPILE – New and noteworthy editors’ guns and gear picks

THE UNKNOWNS – Two Made In USA companies that take the boredom out of gun maintenance

CUSTOM CORNER – Martin Kove gets a custom wheelgun fit for the Strike First King Cobra

RANGE PROFILE – Get your shoot on at Michigan’s Huron Valley Guns

PATRIOT TRIBUTE – R.I.P. Rush Limbaugh, America’s number one conservative voice

Price: $9.95