The New Pioneer - Fall 2021

The pandemic made many of us re-examine what is truly important to us. If a slower-paced life, spending more time with your family and getting back to your roots seem appealing, the fall 2021 issue is for you!

In this issue, you’ll enjoy articles on pickling, making vinegar and creating trendy mudcloth—the perfect activity for your kids on a hot summer day. We’ve also included enough DIY projects to keep you busy for months, from a budget bathroom makeover to building a beehive and making your own healthy hot dogs.

Soil scientist Scott Goode teaches you how to use soil for more than just food and flowers, author Gregory McNamee shows you how to improve drainage on your property and keep your basement dry, contributor Kirsten Shockey the easy way to turn fruit scraps into what may be the world’s oldest condiment, and resident marksmen Evin Galbraith offers a primer for protecting your home and loved ones with the right guns and training.

So if you’re looking to get a jump on the fall season, make sure to purchase your copy today!

TURKEYS, TRUST & A TRIO – The formula for success at the Diestel family ranch: 1+1+1=10

HOME & GARDEN HACKS – Eight simple ways to save time and effort come autum

YAKETY YAKS – Raising these prehistoric animals for fun, meat and profit

BUILD YOUR OWN BEE HIVE – This one’s about as easy to make as it gets

10 BACKYARD ESSENTIALS – With these items, you can create a bountiful, refreshing, private haven of your own

IT WORKED FOR ME – A cool collection of money-saving projects for enthusiastic new pioneers

TALKIN’ ’BOUT SMALL GENERATORS – A guide to buying your best defense against an ailing electric grid

GETTING INTO HOT WATER – A look at today’s alternative, non-electric water heaters

ECLECTIC SOUTHERN EATERY – Get inspired (and hungry) by Chef Jessica Hanners’return to her roots

PICKLING POINTERS – As an alternative to canning, use this guide for saving summer's bounty

Price: $10.95