Ballistic - Aug. / Sept. 2021 - LONG RANGE PRECISION

Here we are with Ballistic’s fourth “Precision” edition, and the discipline of long-range precision shooting hasn’t even hit its peak. It simply continues to grow in popularity.

We’re billing this issue as the ultimate guide to precision rifles, high-tech gear and tactics.

For newcomers to the sport, author Kendl Wong shows you how to get into precision rifle shooting the right way, with an exclusive look at her first-ever precision rifle build. Long-range shooting expert and editor-at-large Sean Utley spent some quality time with former SEAL sniper and trainer Charlie Melton, who trained some of our most elite snipers in the War on Terror. Author Len Waldron heads to Colorado to pick up some hunting and gear tips while fielding a Gunwerks ClymR rifle, and contributor Frank Melloni shows you the real differences between hunting and target rifles.

Range reports include Springfield’s latest Waypoint 2020, PWS’ MK218 1-M, Kelbly’s Elite NYX, and for the .22 LR fans there’s Vudoo’s .22 Three 60. There’s gear guides galore including new precision chassis, PRS suppressors, scopes and the latest ballistic phone apps.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

SNIPER SENSE – Let Caylen Wojik and Phillip Velayo guide you on your path to precision success

NOOB CHRONICLES – Quality equipment and great training provide a shortcut to success

BOLTS OF GENIUS – How America’s most accurate rifle system has evolved

SPOT ON! – Master the three ultimate keys to spotting from the King of 2 Miles

6.5 PRC FOR ME – It’s a mile-ready game changer for competitors and hunters alike

KING KELBLY – Flying under the radar while winning 92 precision world records

PISTON-DRIVEN PRECISION – A look at PWS’ smooth and ultra-reliable .308 powerhouse that won’t break the bank

STOCKPILE – New and hot products for precision shooters

HIGH TECH – Garmin’s got the everyday, everywhere ballistics solution

GEAR GUIDE – A look at some new gems in long-range optics market

Price: $9.95