Personal Defense World - Oct. / Nov. 2021

While the right to keep and bear arms is under serious assault at the federal level, many states are swinging exactly the other direction—toward less regulation and expanded freedom. For PDW readers who live in states that don’t recognize the right to carry without having to secure a permit, it’s time to contact your lawmakers and let them know you want them to jump on the constitutional carry train with the other 21 states who recognize freedom without restrictions.

With that being said, we decided to put together a special issue for all the supporters of the Second Amendment. We teamed up with the largest exporter of military small arms, FN Herstal, to bring our readers a limited edition “mini magazine” highlighting the FN 509 family. We’re highlighting the history, the evolution of each series, and discussing its pivotol role in ushering in the future of firearms.

Also in this issue, author Mike Detty shows off the new Taurus optics ready option that is an affordable carry handgun, Andy Grossman gives you a detailed look at the super versatile TacRig Holster System, contributor Michael D’Angona shows you the sweet 16 of hideaway boot knives, and Gordon Smith shares some key points to safely educating the next generation of new shooters.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

NEW LCP MAX – Ruger’s stack-and-a-half pocket .380 ACP for the 21st Century

NEW AGE CLASSIC – Sig Sauer brings old-world style to the modern age with the P320 AXG Classic

YOUR DUTY TO BE READY – Walther’s PDP Compact takes that slogan to heart

LLAMA MICROMAX – Works like a full-size 1911, but shrunken down for easier concealment

PERFECT NINE SINGLE-STACK – The Springfield XD-S Mod.2 upgraded with a red-dot sight

BEHIND ENEMY LINES – The insanity of NY pistol permits

LESSONS LEARNED – My carry journal from the years

STOCKPILE – New and noteworthy guns and gear

GEAR & STUFF – Grey Man Tactical Stealth backpack

RANGE TUNES – Slingin’ metal while slinging lead

Price: $9.95