Ballistic - Oct. / Nov. 2021

Cue the symphony, cue the opening crawl text “In a galaxy far, far away…”, now enter the October/November issue of Ballistic magazine!

This issue’s national newsstand cover features an out-of-this-world pair of custom pew-pews (insert the sound effects of blasters going off in every Star Wars movie)—Mandalorian Bravo 5.56s. Now whether you actually watch The Mandalorian or not, these two predator-hunting rigs are worth your full attention.

In this issue, we’re giving away a $3,500 custom Model 70 Series Colt, author Will Dabbs reviews a modern version of U.N.C.L.E.’s uber-cool, fully loaded spy pistol, contributor Karen Hunter introduces us to a real-life Indiana Jones surviving the desert, death threats and more, the Ballistic Staff rounds up the top six “anti-commie” movies of the 1980s, and we hit you with a solid checklist of must-haves for when the SHTF!

So what are you waiting for? Embrace the force and pick up your copy today!

CUSTOM CHALLENGE – Here’s your chance to win a one-of-a-kind 1911 from two of the best

METE MEANS BUSINESS – First look at the true score to be had with Canik’s new CCW series

THE URBEX GAMBLE – Take heed of this advice before exploring concrete jungle deathtraps


The debate between AK-47 and AR-15 owners rages on

INSTA-KLASSIC KALASHNIKOV – Mother Russia unleashes a gun-nerd blockbuster that Hollyweird never would

4 GAME CHANGERS – Hunting has changed forever with these four important innovations

BRAVO BLASTERS – Custom pew-pew predator rigs inspired by warriors from a galaxy far far away

AFTER HOURS – Get your swig on with this review of six top-shelf moonshines

SPOTLIGHT – Behind Viktos, the young brand that exudes all-day comfort and tacti-coolness

LAST BLAST – Rocking the double-barrel AR, Arizonan Bailey Crespo shoots straight for the 2A

Price: $9.95