Combat Handguns - Jan./Feb. 2022

Some might say that showcasing a .22-caliber pistol on the cover of a magazine called Combat Handguns is oxymoronic. We say the heck with that—know your audience. Semi-auto .22s like the new FN 502 being featured on the January/February 2022 cover are not only easy to shoot but are excellent means for learning all the critical fundamentals of handgun safety and manipulation.

Looking for that perfect concealed carry companion that won’t break the bank? Well, look no further than cover gun number two—Mossberg’s Mightiest new microcompact—the MC2sc that boasts 14+1 capacity and sever other shooter-friendly updates. And don’t miss companion video of the MC2sc at

With more and more Americans joining the leagues of responsible new gun owners every year, we wanted the first issue of 2022 to focus on the folks hitting the training range more regularly in order to hone their shooting skills and remain sharp. In this issue, author Garrett Lucas pits two reliable and accurate workhorse CCWs from Walther and Canik against each other, straight shooter Rob Garrett takes a classic EDC S&W J-frame to get a heirloom-grade makeover, and we take a look at the history and performance of monster revolver chamberings.

With the new year in your sights, make sure you kick things off right and pick up your copy today!

UNMATCHED UNDERSTUDY – For those who carry the future, FN introduces the packed-full-of-fun 502

HEAVY METAL STRIKER – First look at RIA’s new striker-fired pistol that’s not polymer

MIGHTIER MICRO MOSSBERG – With 14+1 capacity, the new MC2sc is ready to run with the varsity

SELF-DEFENSE & THE LAW – The “To flee, or not to flee” question gets answered

STOCKPILE – Editors’ picks for new and noteworthy guns and gear

ASK THE PROS – Nighthawk’s longtime ace-in-the-hole Matt Sims reveals his very helpful hand

BLASTS FROM THE PAST – A tale of two Colt Officer’s Model Match guns that get new lives

JUNKYARD BUILD – Rolling the dice on a 130-year-old, beaten and scarred top break .32

RIGHTEOUS RIGS – Five solid holsters for the less-is-more concealed carry crowd

GUN TALK – Food for thought on why the .40 S&W will continue to fight on

Price: $8.99