American Frontiersman - Winter 2022

With Old Man Winter knocking at the door, nothing sounds better than grabbing your favorite fur throw and cozying up to the latest issue of American Frontiersman magazine!

The cover of the Winter 2022 issue features members of the American Mountain Men Association at a reconstructed log cabin in Kentucky named the Keeling Trading Post. The history is strong there, and that group is working hard to ensure that the old way of life is not forgotten.

This issue, like others before it, has a heavy dose of DIY projects. Learn how to make your own long rifle sleeve, coal-burned wood containers, a Trapper Nelson-style big-game pack board, a classic leather canteen and great campfire food.

For trappers, Tad Brown’s “All Out On Otters” explains the art of “funneling” to catch more fur. Once you’ve trapped that fur, Cody Assman will take you through the fine art of alum tanning.

For those fanciers of modern firearms and equipment, we’ve got you covered, too. Meet Sig Sauer’s new Cross bolt-action rifle, plus a fairly new company that produces some of the finest modern camp tools around.

Other great quick-hitter stories include: “10 Believe It Or Hunt Tales,” “9 Great Outdoorsman Gifts,” plus camp cooking guides and a some venison and fish taco recipes to die for!

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

A GRAND ERA – Behind Grand Portage, the original center of the great American fur trade

REBUILDING HISTORY – American Mountain Men save 234-year-old log home of Revolutionary War veteran

FREE-STATE FIREPOWER – Diving into the muster roll of John Brown’s free-state Kansas Territory militia

WINCHESTER’S MODEL 88 – Remembering the 20th century’s most revered lever-action

SWEET 16? – A look back at some interesting Native American hunting methods

MUSEUM OF APPALACHIA – Bringing the past to life in the most authentic way

CHAINSAW REHAB – A step-by-step guide for the frugal, mechanically inclined homesteader

GEAR BAG – New and noteworthy range and trail stuff

WAGONS HOT FOR SANTA FE – Reviving the early experiences of the men behind the wagons on the Santa Fe Trail

THE CORE FIVE – Primitive skills expert James Gibson shares tips and techniques in five critical areas

Price: $10.95