Personal Defense World - Feb. / March 2022

To the many new firearm owners who have decided to take responsibility for their own safety and well-being, welcome. The February/March issue of Personal Defense World is here to educate and provide insight for those living in what often feels like one of the most turbulent times in history. Why do we say that? Get this, the average police response times offered by several jurisdictions: 20 minutes for the LAPD, 7.7 minutes for the NYPD, 8 minutes for the Dallas Police Department and 7 minutes for the Seattle Police Department. So while crime happens in seconds, help can be minutes away—at best. So it’s no wonder many people have taken their safety into their own hands.

For those who have made this decision, we put together another comprehensive issue highlighting what’s new, what’s necessary, and more importantly what’s next. The legendary Massad Ayoob discusses the consequences of firing your gun. Author, Robert Jordan explains the key differences between leather and kydex holsters, Garrett Lucas provides insight into SOG’s commitment to a new era of end-user focused purpose-driven tools, long time contributor Karen Hunter puts together a list of the most badass females in history who protected freedom and humanity, and Frank Melloni shares the struggles of owning an AR in one of our countries most restrictive states.

It’s always a good time to add to your understanding of personal defense. Start by picking up your copy today!

AFFORDABLE SAR9 COMPACT – Sized to perform as a duty or carry gun with a reliability track record

CQB BULLPUP – Next-gen Escort BTS doesn’t compromise on 12-gauge performance

THE SHERIFF’S WIFE – Janel Lamb, the rock behind the man

MICRO 9 RAPIDE BLACK ICE – Kimber ups the ante with performance enhanced features

12-GAUGE FEAST – New Mossberg 590s will eat whatever you put in the tube

LESSONS LEARNED – My carry journal from the years

WOMEN AT ARMS – Armor that actual fits and functions

NEW MICRO-COMPACT – Savage Arms’ new 10+1 Stance pistol

STOCKPILE – New gear from 2021 Rendezvous

RANGE TUNES – Embracing the darker side of music

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