The New Pioneer - Spring 2022

It’s time to spring into action with the next issue of The New Pioneer! With Old Man Winter well on his way out, the season for change is almost upon us. Not only will the greenery be changing soon but maybe many of our readers (old and new) have decided it’s finally time to make a big change. They’re getting out of the rat race and creating innovative ways to earn money doing what they love.

In this issue, we’re addressing some of the concerns expressed by those folks who recently decided to move to a more rural area, to become more self-sufficient and take greater control of their lives. We wanted to inspire confidence in them by highlighting other fellow new pioneers like themselves who used a simple can-do approach to solving their problems which in turn gave them the answers they needed to make their lifestyle change a success. Take for example, mini-farmer Madelyn Fossum. When Hurricane Ida destroyed this 14-year-old’s garden (and home), she didn’t waste any time feeling sorry for herself. In fact, she began replanting and improving her site almost immediately. Our cover family, the Masts, answered their “buts” by growing and selling Christmas trees and blueberries on a small farm. We show you how much that approach has been working for their family.

This issue has it all. DIY guides, spotlight pieces, tricks of the trade secrets, and so much more. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today and get ready to be inspired!

O HOLY STAR! – Time to clebrate this Christmas tree and berry hobby-farming family

FARM-TO-TABLE ITALIAN STYLE – Let Liz and Ben Pumo’s unconventional journey get you hungry for growing healthy

CONFESSIONS OF A CHICKEN ADDICT – It’s easy to get hooked on raising chicks despite the cost and the work

THE FENCE CONNECTION – Plug into net fencing for easy and portable critter-proof gardens

ENERGY VAMPIRES – How to keep your electricity budget from being bled dry

BLAZING TRAILS – It’s hard but satisfying work that rewards you and future hikers

PIONEER PRODUCTS – Gear up for the homestead and the great outdoors

HILLSIDE ORCHARD – Agritourism is alive and well in the farm-to-table capital of Georgia

COOP-A-CABANA – A simple guide to creating a country-chic chicken coop

LEAN AND GREEN – How to take advantage of the financial incentives available for renewable energy

Price: $10.95