Ballistic - Feb. / March 2022

There’s been some crazy stuff happening across the globe ever since the virus. Is the end-of-times near, or are we just at the beginning of a new world order where it’s every man for himself? With all the doom out there we decided to bring the boom with the February/March issue of Ballistic!

As loyal Ballistic readers know, each issue typically features two different covers—one for subscribers and one for the newsstand audience. This month’s subscribers will receive our  “Doomsday Defender” cover featuring content creator Kendl Wong decked out Mad Max-style for the “Ballistic Custom Challenge Giveaway” Fabarm STF/12. Not to be outdone, our newsstand version shows off the “double-boom” Nighthawk Custom Global Response Pistol chambered in Federal’s new—and what we think is groundbreaking—30 Super Carry cartridge. The 30 Super Carry carries like a .380 ACP, but pounds out the hits like a 9mm.

In this issue, Sean Utley reviews Gilboa’s two-headed snake—is it the real deal or really ridiculous? Author Frank Melloni taps EOTech for some new glass to take on Texas-sized turkeys, sheep, coyotes and prairie dogs while road warrior Scott Baxter takes the “creepy” white Dodge van and gives it a tacti-cool makeover.

Oh and did we mention we got a mascot… What are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

WASTELAND WONDER – Win a badass beauty Fabarm STF/12 in this issue’s Custom Challenge

MOVE OVER 9MM… – There’s a new self-defense round in town, and its name is 30 Super Carry

MAD MAX MADNESS – The guns, the cars, and the do-it-yourself builds

WRANGLIN’ MAN – Go behind-the-scenes with film and celebrity TV armorer Larry Zanoff

HARLEY QUINN’S AK-47Homage to the gamer nerd looking for new shooting adventures

STOCKPILE – New and noteworthy editors’ guns and gear picks

SILENCERSVersatility and performance reign with SilencerCo’s Omega 36M

AFTER HOURSBourbon + bacon = Match made in heaven

THREADSLatest intel on clothes and gear that will help keep you at the ready

FITNESSFive workout rules to ensure you get the most out of your 2022 healthy endeavors

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