Personal Defense World - April / May 2022

It’s time for another issue of Personal Defense World magazine, your one-stop guide for all things self defense. Here at PDW, we believe personal defense is more than just buying the latest gear at your local sporting goods store. It should be a total lifestyle change because let's face it, simply buying a gun does not automatically make you ready for a violent encounter.

The key is to educate yourself on your new responsibilities. That’s what the goal of the April/May issue is, to educate. Author Frank Melloni shares his firsthand account on the trials and tribulations of being armed, Mike Boyle explains the advantages of the crossdraw carry, Will Dabbs shows off a new cutting-edge biometric safe, and Andy Grossman reveals the hidden truths of carrying concealed.

In this issue you’ll find product reviews, in depth analytics from certified experts, as well as some essential information to help cultivate and build up your situational awareness. Changing your lifestyle and learning how to defend what matters most isn’t easy, but nothing worth having ever is.

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VALUE-PACKED DEFENDER – Canik’s new METE SFT sets a new benchmark for peak performance

COMPACT DEFENDERS – The top 25 new everyday carry handguns for 2022

NEW X-FACTOR – Wilson Combat SFX9 — the ultimate deep carry handgun

LANGDON TACTICAL – Discovering their new educational and empowerment platform

GX4 T.O.R.O. – Taurus latest micro 9mm gets the revolutionary red-dot system

HOW IT STARTS – Guns of my youth for the future

IMPACT – Benchmade’s Longhand pen

THREADS & MORE – Viktos skate, surf, fight, gear

WOMEN WARRIOR – 5.11 Tactical that fits the female form

ON TARGET – Grace Optics blows its top off

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