Ballistic - April / May 2022

We here at Ballistic are thankful that you subscribed or picked this issue up from a newsstand. And we solemnly swear that what you are about to read is packed with meaty facts—nothin’ but the facts. (The only exceptions might be in the “Brew Ha Ha” column (page 8) and “FUBeAR” (page 160). Some stories are meant to educate you so that we can help you in your survival, EDC and gun-buying/shooting endeavors. But the bulk of this issue—most issues, in fact—happens to be sheer gun lifestyle entertainment.

Take our cover guns for instance—the Cabot Serenity, Laugo’s Alien and our specially-built, “Ballistic Custom Challenge” Plasma 556 TerminatAR. All three are, simply put, outta this world! Are we all going to be able to afford to shell out the greenbacks/crypto to own such firepower? Eh, not likely, but it sure is fun reading and dreaming about owning such one-of-a-kind guns.

As for some real-world hardware that all can sink their teeth into, we have 17 pages devoted to new hunting rifles, ARs and range gear our team uncovered at SHOT Show 2022. There’s also plenty of companion digital content ready to be consumed now at,, and

On the lighter side of things, we’ve got the very first FUBeAR cartoon strip, a “Wild Kitchen” installment that’ll help you in planning your very own Crabapalooza, a hilarious fireside chat between a 1911 fella and a Glock fanboy, and an “After Hours” column that you (promise!) will never forget.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

GADGETS GALORE – Ballistic’s Brew Ha Ha man treks the SHOT Show aisles for goods that ooze cool

THE TERMINATAR – A killer homage to sci-fi films in a one-of-a-kind AR rifle


BEST NEW HUNTING RIGS – Step right up for a sneak peek at what’s ready to rock the killing fields this fall

NEXT-GEN AR-15s – A look at what’s new and hot in the ’Merica’s Rifle category

RANGE STUFF – A collection of gear worthy of riding shotgun during your next range session

AMMO MATCH – Seven .45-70 Govt cartridges battle it out for monster-bore supremacy


Firepower To The People movie explains how guns are all that stand between us and tyranny

WILD KITCHEN – A few family secrets to having your very own Crabapalooza

AFTER HOURS – Hop aboard the crazy “Strange Brews” train that travels the world

FUBeAR – Our accidental mascot shoots for the moon

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