American Frontiersman - Spring 2022

If hunting and trapping are among your passions, the Spring 2022 issue is an absolute must for you! This magazine caters to those who truly live the American frontier lifestyle just like our cover artist Tom Simonton. A modern-day mountain man and painter, Simonton has devoted much of his life to putting oil on canvas to depict frontiersmen, cowboys and other figures of the era. Get inspired by the story of Tom Simonton’s humble beginnings and how his work came to be featured at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

Next, we flash back in time to cover John Colter’s Run from the Blackfeet and also explore a trio of lesser-known characters of the American frontier. Want more lore? Don’t miss our treks to Fort Larned, New Mexico’s Fort Union, and take a virtual tour to amazing places and cultures that thrived before the Europeans appeared on our shores.

We also have plenty of how-tos that cover the making of a frontier-style bedroll, at-home jerky, plus tripods, traps and fire crafts using SOL’s latest blades. And backwoodsman Mark Herwig shows off his bushcraft skills with a classic Northwoods item used for gathering, storage or cabin decoration.

Other can’t-miss pieces include Wayne van Zwoll’s “Bear Maximum” story that celebrates the history of Crockett and Bobo to Lilly and Teddy as well as M.D. Johnson’s “Food Drying Almanac.”

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

OFF TO FORT LARNED – Reenactors go on an authentic mission that puts the past into perspective

STROKES OF GENIUS – The frontier and Western art of Tom Simonton

COLTER’S RUN REVISITED – Time to shed some light on the mystery of John Colter’s amazing Blackfeet escape

THE CIGAR-BOX GUITAR – A DIY project that puts the sound and spirit of the Appalachians into your hands

BEAR MAXIMUM – From Crockett and Bobo, to Lilly and Teddy—let’s celebrate the men and days of bears

NESSMUK TRIO – Cut, chop and saw your way through anything with this modern kit

FOOD-DRYING ALMANAC – Easy guide for dehydrating veggies, fruits, meats, and mushrooms

WOLF ATTACK – Why everyone in wolf country needs a semi-auto with full-capacity magazines

HUNTING BIGFOOT – How and why this elusive beast still captivates believers and skeptics alike

THE OUTPOST – A peek inside the walls of New Mexico’s Fort Union

Price: $10.95