Guns of the Old West - Summer 2022

If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) you are truly missing out. Not only do you get to shoot firearms that are the type used in the Old West, but you also get to dress the part. Depending upon your interests and the “bankroll” you possess, you can dress like a cowboy, horse soldier, outlaw, lawman, gambler or any number of frontier characters. It is truly one of the last remaining experiences that grants you a nexus with the Old West.

This issue is for those who still feel a connection to those times. When your alias stood for something greater than just another name. In this issue, Evin Gailbraith tells the tale of his DIY gun cart in a rather humorous fashion, Bob “Jay Hawker” Arganbright introduces us to several books he believes will be of interest to Cowboy Action Shooters, Frank Jardim tells of another Civil War weapon that later proved valuable to soldiers on the frontier, and Ryan Lee Price covers the famous Stetson brand of cowboy “chapeaus” in the Cowboy Stuff column.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

RUGER BIRDSHEAD WRANGLER – A compact rimfire beauty that delivers all the fun at the right price

GUNLEATHER LEGEND – Following John Bianchi throughout his 60-plus years of craftmanship

NEW GUNS & AMMO – Giddy up cowboy with these latest and greatest for the frontier trail

25 YEARS OF HENRY – Henry Repeating Arms celebrates their years of excellence

ARTIST PROFILE – Cowboy At Heart — Tom Simonton

NAVY ARMS NEW COACH GUN – Budget-friendly 12 gauge that’s perfect for riding shotgun

Price: $8.99