Tactical Life - July / Aug. 2022

The last few years of social unrest and COVID pandemic fallout has taught many Americans what most Tactical Life readers have known for years—guns save lives. Although you’ll seldom see it mentioned in so-called “mainstream” media, and anti-gun advocates will flat-out tell you it doesn’t happen at all the fact still remains, American citizens do use firearms to defend themselves and others. And this issue of TL is stocked with firepower-related content for all manner of uses including personal and home defense, competitive shooting and hunting.

For the go big or go home crowd, our cover features three of the newest “Top 10mm handguns” from S&W, Springfield Armory and Sig Sauer.

So you want to build your own “America’s Rifle” (AR-15)? Dig into Robert Jordan’s DIY. Hint, hint: Get yourself a Real Avid partner to help you out. Keeping with the DIY theme, we’ve called on PRS professionals to help you pick the perfect chassis/barrel/action trio.

For those who like thrills from above, check out our first look at the all-new Dillon Rifle Co., and then head down to Texas with Trijicon for a wild chopper ride—Operation Coyote Kill!

There’s plenty more hardware ahead including 15 hot picks from NRA 2022, a concealed carry hybrid that will only set you back $400, Mossberg’s new 940 Pro Tactical, plus AK fans can learn where they can go to build their very own Thunder Ranch beast.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

THE NEXT BIG TEN – A first look at Sig Sauer’s P320-XTEN that has a bite as big as its bark

M&P M2.0 – S&W’s new optics-ready 10mm—primed and sized for duty and self-defense

NEW G3X MARKS THE SPOT – Taurus adds a new family member that blurs the line between full-size and compact

MOSSBERG 940 PRO TACTICAL – Meet the latest defense-grade 12 as it tackles the Gunsite shotgun course with gusto

2A TALK – The CDC aims to step outside of its realm—again—to strip you of your rights

STOCKPILE – New and hot guns and gear picks straight from the 2022 NRA Show floor

AMMO MATCH – Top eight freezer-filling cartridges shoot it out through a Sig Cross

AIR SUPPORT – A roundup of 25 of the latest and greatest airguns

Price: $9.95