Personal Defense World - Aug. / Sept. 2022

There are many things that connect us as Americans. Whether it’s the sense of pride for our great nation or the inalienable rights that each of its citizens are afforded, there is truly no other country in the entire world like ours.

With the August/September issue of PDW we wanted to focus on just one of our God-given rights, the Second Amendment. As a people we have had to “compromise” on the Second Amendment time and time again. Unfortunately what some of us have yet to realize is that an attack on the Second Amendment is an attack on all Americans, regardless of political affiliation.

We kept that idea in mind while putting this issue together. With articles from Michael D’Angona on how to stay safe in soft target areas with a variety of bullet-resistance gear, a review on the perfect less-lethal solution from Kimber, and features on Standard Manufacturing’s .22 Switch-Gun, Springfield’s XD-M Elite Compact, and Ruger’s most recent .380 ACP, we have something for everyone who cares about staying safe during troubling times.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today.

LEVELING UP – The next generation CPX-2 RDR pistol is feature rich at a budget price

EXECUTIVE .38 SPECIAL – Taurus’ newest 856 provides custom wheelgun features at a production price

SUPER EZ – S&W newest offering in 30 Super Carry has more capacity and power

ONE-TWO STINGER – Bond Arms new modern-day derringer is lighter and thinner

BACKPACKING CONCEALED – Must-haves to survive in the wilderness while carrying a gun

Stockpile – Newest 2022 products

Gear Guide – Sound the alarm

Range Tunes – Outdoorsman speaker

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