Ballistic - Aug. / Sept. 2022 - LONG RANGE PRECISION

Time To Load Up On Precision Shooting Tips

By The Editors

There was a time when precision rifle shooting was cloaked in mystery. At least I would have said that. And after discussions with so many of you, it’s evident that I wasn’t alone in that sentiment. But thanks to revolutionary developments in rifles, ammo, optics, rangefinders, ballistics solvers and the like, that time is no more. While these advancements have been monumental as a whole, the single largest factor in making precision shooting an attainable and progressive skill set has been the sharing of information. It was the lack of information and, likely more accurately, the reluctance to share it that hurt shooters the most. It was a threat, if you will, despite the technologies of the times.

Our biggest threat now is boredom. We literally have everything at our fingertips. Sub-MOA rifles are the norm, and several brands can provide that luxury. Factory ammo is more consistent and accurate than ever. We can now load our own ammo to surgical standards. There are more optics brands than factory match ammo brands. And, outside of the zeroing process, there is no reason for missing a target within 1,000 yards by any more than a few inches, for anything other than laziness—for data is plentiful. Don’t get me wrong, all this is good. Great, in fact. It simply underlines how fortunate we are while bringing to light the nature of the beast. Cool thing is, we don’t have to grow bored

One of the best things you can do as a shooter, regardless of the discipline you choose, is get involved. More accurately, go and do. Travel somewhere and shoot. Get some instruction, whether you think you need it or not. Try a new segment of precision shooting. Learn from someone else. Teach someone new. Don’t get comfortable.

The experience of precision shooting is where it’s at and likely the most overlooked attribute of the discipline. We address this in this year’s Ballistic Long-Range Precision issue with the “Building Marksmanship” article on page 154. In it, we outline unique opportunities within the sport. Also, accomplished shooter Rei Hoang gets you primed to go way beyond long range with her tips on getting started in ELR shooting. And don’t miss the “One-Two Punch” piece where we take you on a journey through a team competition class under the tutelage of the undisputed champs in this category.

As always, we cover the mother lode of the newest and best products that the precision space has to offer while providing you with our thoughts on their relevant performance.

Finally, when you’re done with the issue, look for more precision shooting content in our continuing video series, Ballistic Long Range Precision. The first three seasons can be viewed at (or simply shoot the QR code below). Check back regularly to catch season 4 that drops this fall.

Not to be too “strictly business” with this issue, we have 32 pages of great Skillset content headlined by the “Man Of Mystery” cover story about Ed Calderon who has experience with the dark and deadly real-world that most people are scared to even ask about. And don’t miss “Hanging With Sadam” where we take you straight to the final crib of the Iraqi dictator. Also running: Top 8 reasons why Platoon is the all-time best Vietnam War movie, Five vacation death traps to avoid, and they sit down with the Alpha Coffee team—brewing fuel for warriors and giving back with every cup of joe.

With so much to learn from this issue, the only question left is—what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

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MAN OF MYSTERY – Meet the multi-talented Ed Calderon

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