Tactical Life - Sept. / Oct. 2022

Let’s celebrate that 2022 has been the year of the .22! And thank goodness considering many kinds of ammunition are still very hard to find, available ammo is quite expensive and runaway inflation is truly taking its toll on family budgets. With a good .22 pistol or rifle and a couple of bricks of ammo, you can shoot all day for what just a few hours of shooting centerfire rounds would cost you.

And luckily for Tactical Life readers, we bring you a health dollop of top-quality .22-caliber coverage in this issue, beginning with Fred Mastison’s cover feature chronicling the newest full-size semi-auto .22 pistols from FN, Sig Sauer and Walther.

If you’re in the market for a full-size .22, either the FN 502, Sig P322 or Walther WMP is liable to tickle your fancy. If not, Mastison also chronicles 10 other new .22 pistols offered this year and ready to join the collection currently in your gun safe.

Note that our .22 coverage doesn’t end there. This issue also contains in-depth reports on a tiny .22 silencer that can make a big impact on your shooting fun, how to Luth-ARize your Ruger 10/22 to make it even better and Savage Arms’ new long-range chassis .22 plinker.

There’s plenty other bigger bore content that TL readers have come to know and love over the years. For AK-47 aficionados, Frank Melloni puts seven different 7.62x39mm rounds to the test for the “Ammo Match” column. After that he headed out west to perform some long-range extermination duties on bothersome Wyoming plains rodents.

Other feature stories in this issue provide extensive coverage on JP Enterprises’ new MP5-ish roller delayed JP-5, some great steel targets fit for (and designed by) a Navy SEAL, Patriot Ordnance’s new 9mm subgun the Phoenix, and some .224 Valkyrie love regarding Seekins Precision and LWRCI. Also, don’t miss a special visit to the Century Arms AK-building factory in Vermont, Sean Utley’s review of the off-road vehicle that will put you on the same footing as some military units, and sniper tips from a couple of experts in the field.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

’22 YEAR OF THE .22 – Looking closer at three of the top .22 pistols to hit the market this year

THE .22 HITS KEEP COMING – Buyer’s guide for 10 other “new for 2022” rimfires

PHOENIX RISES – Frank DeSomma’s vision of the perfect subgun comes to fruition

HI-POWER MAKEOVER – A stock Springfield SA-35 gets the Chestnut Mountain Magic treatment

STOCKPILE – Editors’ sweet 16 picks for new and noteworthy guns and carry gear

CAN CORNER – GSL’s tiny Woodland .22 can makes a big impact with its performance and price

TACTICAL RIDES – Time to test drive the do-it-all, all-terrain TOMCAR TX

TRAINING GEAR – ZF Technical’s portable target systems take interactive training to the mountaintop

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