Ballistic - Oct. / Nov. 2022

With the sizzling hot summer of ’22 finally in the rearview, it’s time to set our sights on the upcoming fall hunting, shooting, and backwoods adventures. Before we kick things off we wanted to bring the Ballistic family one last scorcher… an exclusive after-action report on the making of Amazon’s No. 1 hit series The Terminal List series starring Chis Pratt! And the man who wrote it is nonother than NYT best-selling author Jack Carr.

Carr sat down with us and gave us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the show, the inspiration behind it, and his thoughts on the show's leading man and how his A-list prominence brought his character James Reece to life.

Also in this issue, we have a can’t-miss/hilarious Roundtable discussion about Foreign Vs. Domestics firearms, “After Hours” gets you acquainted with Scotch's Tasty Cousins, “Wild Kitchen covers some game and pasta dishes to die for, and we’re rubbing our nickels together in hopes of owning a Brabus Crawler in our “Wild Rides” column.

Our partners in crime from Skillset are making it a point to prep you for the upcoming Halloween season with a jaunt to Midsummer Scream plus a history lesson on cannibalism. Also running in the Skillset section: 5 Skillsets To Master, Q&A with pro steer wrestler Chance Butterfield, 28 Insider Info Bits and a cover story on Catherine Rybka who protects and serves in Arizona.

So with all things fall covered, the only thing left to do is to pick up your copy today!

JUST ONE K.I.S.S. – It’s time to rock single-shot, 300 BLK and totally simple style, stupid

EVERYMAN’S WEATHERBY – The Mark V Hunter possesses the performance and features for big game

A-KLUBING WITH KAYE – Meet TOPS’ first female knife designer—Naked and Afraid’s Amanda Kaye

EDITOR’S HOT PICKS – Springfield’s new double-stack Prodigy, plus holsters and lights

INSIDER – Road trip into the first annual Magpul Live shooting event

500-YARD BLACKPOWDER – Wait until you see what this new CVA rifle can do

THE FEMALE BLUE LINE – Some straight talk on what’s really happening as more women join the LE ranks

GAME ROVERTest and evaluation of Sabatti’s newest game-getting hunting rifle

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