Personal Defense World - Feb. / March 2023

As American gun owners, we are constantly force fed an avalanche of misinformation about how dangerous firearms are, why we shouldn’t have them in our households, how they are seldom used for self-defense and what different “gun safety” laws need to be passed in order to solve our problem. Thanks but… no thanks. As Americans, we have a God-given right to protect ourselves and our families, and the most efficient way to do so is a “good guy with a gun.” Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

That’s why in this issue, Frank Melloni is going behind enemy lines to discuss how things are going from bad to worse, Todd Burgreen discusses why Wilson’s SFX9 3.25 is the ultimate in deep concealment carry 9mm, and Michael D’Angona shows you how to be blunt with your very own hardcore striking weapon that will definitely leave a mark.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

SLEEK 9mm – IWI’s Masada Slim showcases top-tier performance in a micro-compact package

RESURGENT 10 – Sig Sauer’s P320-XTEN delivers x-treme levels of protection

METAL M2.0 MADNESS – S&W’s latest M&P9 rocks out with an aluminum alloy frame

TAURUS 605 DEFENDER – Small-framed .357 Mag revolver that can be your EDC option

STOCKPILE – Rendezvous 2022

RANGE GEAR – Comfortable Footwear

SAFE STORAGE – Rack ‘Em, Stack ‘Em With SecureIt

DIY DEFENSE – Harden Your Ride

Price: $10.95