Guns of the Old West - Spring 2023

It may be a new year but Guns of the Old West is picking up right where we left off in 2022! For the first issue of the new year we’re featuring a “pair of aces” from Taylor & Co, the Huntress 28 GA and TC9 SAA 9MM. “LaVista” Bell reviews them both and discusses the new cowboy in town and why Annie Oakley would’ve loved this shotgun.

Also in this issue, GOW legend Dennis Adler explains why the Ruger Old Army .44 is one of the best old-new percussion revolvers, Ryan Lee Price revisits the Oregon Trail and the emigrant wagons who traversed it, Michael D’Angona looks at the tools of the early settlers that aided in securing their foothold in the West, and we’re getting you ready for movie night with these five timeless Westerns celebrating their 50th anniversary.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

SECOND TO NONE – Samuel Colt’s design evolution culminates in the Model 1861 Navy

FRONTIER SINGLE ACTION – Cimarron honors the 200th anniversary of the Texas Rangers

WESTERN HISTORY – Stagecoach Mary

PETITE 28 GAUGE – A side-by-side shotgun that Annie Oakley would’ve loved

MILESTONE – Henry’s 25th anniversary

WESTERN ART – Charles Russell