Personal Defense World - June / July 2023
For this issue's cover we’re showing off the many faces of the P365. That’s the Wilson Combat P365, the Sig Sauer P365-XL Comp Rose, and even a custom mash-up P365-XL. With so many different facets we had to tap three different contributors to give us their perspectives on what makes each one of these so unique.
Madison Heim gets up close and personal with the Sig Sauer P365-XL COMP ROSE which is bringing the female shooting community together, Andy Grossman builds a custom P365-XL from the ground up to create the perfect EDC, and we’re showing off how Wilson Combat’s P365 is giving all other Sig Sauer partners a major run for their money!
Also in this issue, we discuss the four golden gun safety rules, we review Dead Air’s Sierra 5 Xeno suppressor, and Joshua Hood puts the Staccato CS double-stack 9mm through hell and back without a single hiccup!
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A BIGGER BERSA – Built on an AR platform, the new BAR9 9mm blowback pistol is a blast
20 SIZZLING CCW – Newest and hottest concealed carry gas you’ll want to get your mitts on
LATEST HOLSTER REPORT – The latest and greatest for your everyday carry needs
20 LESS-LETHAL OPTIONS – From stun guns to tactical umbrellas, here is the latest to help keep you safe
SAFETY, STORAGE & TRAINING GEAR – 27 new products for gun safety, storage and home training
TOP 20 LADIES GEAR & GADGETS – Women’s fashion and function collide
13 SLENDER SLICERS – Everyday carry knives that offer precision cutting without excess bulk

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