Guns of the Old West - Summer 2023

Oh, do we have a treat for you…

For years, the Guns of the Old West team and the American Frontiersman team have worked hand in hand. Whether through sharing creative opinions or inspiring new projects, they’ve always shared a dynamic synergy. So one day it dawned on us… why not just join forces? After all, at its core, American Frontiersman magazine was made for those wanting to be immersed in both the old and the new “American Spirit.” Now where have we heard that before…

So what does this new partnership mean for you? Our loyal GOW reader. For starters, it means your favorite magazine has now been upped to 100 pages. It means Guns of the Old West fans will now get to jump back in time with stories from the era of flintlock-toting, fur-trading mountain men. It means you’ll get to enjoy some lore along with some modern survival and hunting-type firepower gun reviews, classic DIY projects, primitive living and self-reliance how-tos while continuing to receive the Old West content you’ve come to expect from the GOW team.

So without further ado, we present the first (of many) Guns of the Old West x American Frontiersman issue! Pick up your copy today!

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COLT DRAGOON – Get an in-depth look at the first great cavalry revolvers

18 HOTTEST COWBOY GUNS – Sampling of the latest and greatest six-guns, lever guns and scatterguns

NEW LINE REVOLVER – Get a glimpse of the past of concealed carry with this 148-year-old Colt

OLD WEST FLOPS – Firearms failures


GUNS OF THE GUNFIGHTER – Little Big Horn’s guns?
Price: $8.99